Epoxy Resins, Hybrid Polymers, Bio Resins, Polyurethanes and 3D Composites

Automotive, Marble, Filtration, Electrical, Electronics, Design and Construction

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ALPAS has developed a range of eco-friendly Bio Materials for use in applications such as furniture, design, prototyping and electrical and electronics. ALPAS 3D Carbon and Glass fibres are advanced lightweight fabrics that are used in aerospace, marine, military, automotive and transportation applications. Hybrid Polymers are safe, environmentally friendly adhesives and sealants with high durability and excellent adhesion to many different surfaces and substrates. ALPAS polyurethanes are strong and durable, and we have developed a range of adhesives, foams, elastomers and rigid products that are used in automotive, electrical, design and many other industries. Light and very strong, Epoxy Resins are used in a wide variety of applications including aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial tooling and sports equipment.

Custom Resins, Adhesives and Composites

We live and work in a complex and competitive world. Finding new sales, maintaining competitive advantage and meeting business targets has become increasingly difficult for most companies. Your customers expect high levels of customer service and guaranteed product quality, while demanding price stability and Just In Time delivery.

ALPAS has hundreds of customers that range from Multinational Companies and SMEs to Craftsmen. We have over 30 years experience in developing customised solutions for our clients. ALPAS will work with you to understand your business. We will invest the time and effort in developing new product opportunities for you, with NO COST AND NO RISK to you and your company. Contact ALPAS today at Info@Alpas.eu to discuss how we can help develop a better future together.